Top Definition
some one that tells anything for money
dat boy right there is a money mouth
young moneyによって 2005年04月29日(金)
having a lot of money; money talks; wanting money or some kind of desire
he is such a money mouth
janによって 2003年12月09日(火)
Having a lot of diamonds and gold in ones mouth.
Yo' check out money mouth over there! Do you mean the dude with the iced grill? Yeah if it were 2006.

Money mouth mang!
fabfivefredlyによって 2011年09月08日(木)
The new patented technology that lets your bank take cash deposits at ATMs without envelopes or deposit slips.
"Deunte had to get his money in the bank today so his baby-mama's lights wouldn't get turned off. Good thing they ATMs had that patented MoneyMouth technology!"
zombie sitcomによって 2006年07月24日(月)
someone who loves whirlled peas and faggots
man savannah is such a money mouth
jordanによって 2004年09月06日(月)

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