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The real plural of moose. Many people, including the dictionary and English teachers, will attempt to tell you that "meese" is not correct. However, please consider the following:
One goose = goose
One moose = moose
Two+ goose = geese
Two+ moose = meese?
Yes, meese is grammatically correct. Don't let them fool you.
Look at that wild flock of meese!
delovelyによって 2005年05月24日(火)
The REAL plural of moose. no matter what your mom or all of your friends say, they are LYING TO YOU when they tell you "meese" is not the plural of moose.
Diana: "What is the plural of moose?"
Sammie: "Meese!"
Diana: "No it's not!"
Sammie: "YES IT IS."
... and so on.
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diana shelbyによって 2008年09月08日(月)
The plural form of moose.
SolidSRaidenによって 2002年12月06日(金)
Plural. More than one moose.
Hey Wilbur, there was a whole pack of wild meese...over yonder.
Ian C.によって 2005年09月10日(土)
the plural form of moose
a herd of meese
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sean gsizzleによって 2009年01月29日(木)
In the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Pixie and Dixie (and Mr. Jinks)", "meeses" is what Mr. Jinx called both mice.
"...look at them, those meeses..."
Koby Fishによって 2004年06月10日(木)
A meese is the plural of moose.
Like mouse and mice.
"look there is a moose"
"look there are two meese"
#meese #moose #mouse #mice #plural #singular
RTOONS42によって 2009年06月16日(火)

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