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not you.
i am me... you are not.

end of story.
BassGuitarBabyによって 2005年10月26日(水)
Me, a name me calls me-self.
You know me.
I know what Me means.
I know me.
ME me me me me me me me me me me me me me.
uhrgihbreivt Lannaによって 2005年12月18日(日)
Someone you either love or hate, observe or ignore, let live or destroy, and may never know entirely unless you ask the right questions and get the right answers from.

Also, an exclamatory phrase used to take the initiative, usually to exhibit oneself to other people.
Redundantly yours,

P.S. Why are you looking at me like that?
Balfdorによって 2006年11月19日(日)
what the world revolves around.
the world bows down to me.
not you. :]
princesslizziiによって 2008年05月17日(土)
Me, NOT you.
The person that is writing this.
I love me.
Not you.
devilzhotbitchによって 2006年06月25日(日)
You, but better.
"Go get ME a samich."
*cough cough*によって 2009年07月15日(水)
Something people actually define on Urban Dictionary ._.
Wooow these people are interesting xD

And I have to include the word being defines, so.. 'me'
Mooses_Rockによって 2008年07月10日(木)

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