Low Line
That Shirt she is wearing is so LL
Mizkidによって 2008年10月06日(月)
Lickin' yo Lips
in order to make a gul/guy understand that u want her/him!!
That guy was checkin me out n givin me the LL in class!!!
~Liza~によって 2005年05月30日(月)
It's stands for LESBIAN LOVER.
" Hey wats up LL i missed you last nite."
Darth Leahによって 2006年07月29日(土)
shortened way to say Latin Lord
Dem LL's is cool, cause they is peoples too
duseによって 2005年02月28日(月)
short for lan lan in Hokkien, as in you can do nothing about the situation
john didn't get to ask the girl to a hotel, so he LL has to masturbate himself for the night.
Marcusによって 2004年10月19日(火)
A shortened version of LL Cool J.
"LL's new Headsprung joint was saved by that Timberland beat."
redgyulによって 2004年09月22日(水)
Very hot actress/singer (Lindsay Lohan).
Have you seen Mean Girls? Oh yeah, I busted a nut when I saw LL slap her thigh in that Santa costume.
LL's future husbandによって 2004年06月04日(金)

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