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lavanya means gangsta.
damn that's whack lavanya.
whaddup playa, you look mad lavanya tonight.
you think you're all lavanya, up in hurrr?
we spending most our lives livin' in a lavanya's paradise.
J. Walter Jerome IIIによって 2005年10月26日(水)
Beauty, grace, charm, attractiveness, wit, intelligence... Basically everything that a woman possesses!!
You have so much lavanya, i so totally envy you!!
LavanyaNupurによって 2010年02月05日(金)
A women who loves mexicans, but doesn't like to admit it.
You:Yo Lavanya, I heard you hooked up with a mexican last weekend

Lavanya: NOOOO, he was Latina
gangstamackによって 2009年01月26日(月)