a super cool, fresh off the boat asian teen who dresses and acts like a korean pop star.
Look at the dude with the hair and sandals yellow Coach man purse, he is so k pop.
I know asians.によって 2006年04月13日(木)
Korean Pop music, consisting of either copious amounts of girl members or boy members.

K-Pop stars are often taken at the age of around 10 and trained to speak English, Mandarin and Japanese (generally) and how to dance and sing etcetc. A lot of their music, like White people shit are over autotuned, but their kick ass dancing makes up for it.

Asian kids all over the world are addicted to k-pop; it's all part of the asian tb image they're going for.
white dude: "Hey Chink what's that bullshit you're listening to?"
Asian: "Bitch, it's k-pop"
White dude: "WTF is k-pop"
Asian: *gasps in horror at ignorance and slaps white dude.
alexliangによって 2011年10月07日(金)
Short for Korean pop music. Here's a list of what Kpop really is.

1. Heavily influenced by American music. 99% of the Kpop songs have at least a few lines of American English lyrics. Sometimes they fail at English so some lyrics don't make sense at all.

2. Most Korean males who listen to Kpop (such as girls' generation) listen to them because of hot/cute girls in the group.

3. It is surprisingly common that Korean males collect pictures and posters of those cute girls in one of the Kpop groups Girls' Generation and mostly each of them has 'favorites'.

4. Most Kpop songs are shitty and unoriginal but that's not why people listen to them. It's about those hot dancers and girls in those groups.
When I went to the Korean Army, I could see posters and pictures of girls in Girls' Generation and other groups everywhere. yeeee kpop!
some1whoknowsstuffによって 2012年04月28日(土)
much better than american pop, or any other pop from any country. although, i am american and so ethnically mixed that i dont even know wutspecific countries im from, i know lots of korean pop.
Baby Vox, SES, FINKL, shinwa, CBMass, Papaya, Lemonade, Skool, BoA(bitch of assholes)
SpicChinkNiggerHinduCrackerによって 2003年12月21日(日)
keep your pants on please
At my christmas party, april really should have KPOP'd.
lindsayreneeによって 2008年11月15日(土)
keep your pants on please!
i can't believe april got naked again! that chick really needs to KPOP
kevinjonasismymanによって 2009年01月29日(木)
Kpop stands for Korean Pop. It has millions of fans from across the world, and is so internationally popular compared to music from other places in Asia that there are in fact more Kpop fans outside of Korea than within. It is part of a big movement called Korean Wave, the spread of South Korean popular culture across the globe. The wave hit Asia first with dramas, but is now starting to hit the West, especially with it's newer girl groups and boy bands like Girls Generation, aka SNSD, SHINee and 2NE1.
But, the artists aren't happy because they are forced to train more than is healthy by evil agencies. But generally, this crazy training makes Korean idols very talented unlike slutty Japanese girl groups like AKB48 who can't even sing or dance.
Kpop idols are also beautiful, especially YoonA from Girls Generation. DBSK was an old Kpop band which has actually passed its peak after three members sued their entertainment company, the biggest, for slave contracts. Good thing, because they can't dance as well as the ultimate SNSD.
Kpop fans, however, are less glamorous than their idols because they are amongst the most crazed fans in the world, especially DBSK and Super Junior fans who booed at SNSD for being pretty because they were jealous. But now SNSD is more famous and is leading Kpop to the West with 2NE1 and SHINee.
Kpop is spreading to Europe!! Thousands of French fans want a concert over there! We must hold SM Town live in Paris!!
SNSD OBSESSORによって 2011年08月29日(月)

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