If u steal from me, ill get that juice on ya.
KPEbartによって 2010年01月20日(水)
juice is another way to say jews
person1:hey u want some juice

person2:hey ur racist
pseudonym112341によって 2009年10月04日(日)
1. liquor

2. electricity

3. interest on a loan

4. gasoline

5. Influence or authority

6. (Anabolic) steroids

7. semen or other sexual fluids
Whoa! , lay off the juice already.
The Return of Light Jokerによって 2009年08月14日(金)
The act of seducing and feeling a girl in order to get her genitalia wet.
-Last night I juiced her well with my tongue
jpantsaによって 2010年12月15日(水)
psycho or kill/wound. it's a threat with some innuendo thrown in.
"don't make me go juice on you", "I'm gonna juice you good"
OJ the juice simpsonによって 2010年03月28日(日)
A Key of cocaine.
Hey man, I need a juice.
g'dup314によって 2010年03月07日(日)
Interest added to a loan on the streets
I promise to pay back that 20 large by tomorrow. The 'juice' on that loan is 10% a day. You will give 22 large by 5 pm tomorrow.
WantToUnderstandTheKidsによって 2009年08月04日(火)

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