A hot guy who knows how to act and is very hot. Did i mention very hot?
Have you ever seen Jared Leto in Requiem for a Dream? He's a hottie!
Jamieによって 2004年04月10日(土)
Top Definition
The ultimate pimp dogg himself. Awesome band, awesome actor....Letor owns us all to Oblivion in to the wild with the Mission in his Capricorn
jared leto kicks ass man
LetoLoverによって 2004年01月30日(金)
Lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, along with his brother Shannon Leto, bassist Matt Wachter and guitarist Tomo Millicevic.

He was born December 26th, 1971

He's not afraid to wear eyeliner

He claimed to be asexual, like Morrissey

He is a vegetarian

He is also an actor
Jared Leto has the sexiest voice I've ever heard
tastes_of_inkによって 2006年07月26日(水)
An awesome actor and musician who is extremely hot...especially in "Requiem for a Dream." That movie is unbelievable...it really spoke to me. Not to mention he is an actor who isn't afraid to be sensitive and cry. There are practically no actors these days who can cry on the screen...but he can. He's hot.
Did you see Jared Leto in Requiem for a Dream? He was so cute! What a hottie.
memmによって 2006年05月26日(金)
Jared Leto is possibly the most underrated actor. he is so amazing in movies like lord of war and requiem for a dream. He is also the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars, one of the greatest bands ever!
im sick of everyone going "OMG HES SOOOOO SEXY, I WANNA ROOT HIM!! yes hes sexy but he is truly one of the greatest actors/singers and has one of the most amazing voices youll ever hear!

oh and to all the 30 seconds to mars fans..."Provehito In Altum!" - youll know what it means
fangirl: " OMG i just love 30 seconds to mars because jared leto is sex on legs!!"

true fan "yeah he's hot but have u actually heard their inspirational and amazing songs??"


true fan: .....
bluefurrymonsterによって 2007年08月05日(日)
four words, my so called life
four more words, requiem for a dream

he played jordan catilano in my so called life and harry goldfarb in requiem for a dream and he was in other movies like fight club and panic room
he's fine as hell!!!!
jared leto is mad hott
who didnt wanna date jordan catilano??
deenieによって 2004年06月20日(日)
Sweet, amazing actor/musician. Claims to be an actor AND musician, not actor turned musician. Received Breakthrough Crossover Artist at 6th Annual Hollywood Life Awards for being one of the only people in Hollywood that have succeeded in two different things in show business.

Known for being Jordan Catalano in the short-lived cult series My So-Called Life with Claire Danes. Played druggie addict in critically-acclaimed film Requiem for a Dream. Gained more than 60 pounds in film Chapter 27 with Lindsay Lohan (which sparked rumors that they were dating).

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist for 30 Seconds to Mars. First formed band in 1998 with Shannon Leto, older brother by about 19 months. Debut self-titled album got only little success. Second album, A Beautiful Lie, went platinum almost exactly one year after release date.

Also known as the P-I-M-P of rockers. Has been engaged with Cameron Diaz, dated Ashley Olsen & Scarlett Johansson, has a crush on Jessica Simpson (scored her number), and has been in tabloids about dating Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan (thought to be engaged), and Paris Hilton.

Still the most sweetest and humble guy in Hollywood.
1.) Jared Leto is the coolest actor/singer in the planet

2.) There are too many fangirls that love Jared for his looks. Pathetic.

3.) Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds to Mars, is awesome.
Natalie [Echelon]によって 2007年10月29日(月)

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