An early 90's Boy Band. Lead Singer Marques Houston followed by Jerome Jones, and Kelton Kessee. Managment By Chris Stokes.
Early 90's Boy Band by the nameof Immature
90's Manによって 2008年10月02日(木)
A word boring people use to describe fun people
" You're so immature..." " I know."
LovethisAJによって 2015年02月10日(火)
The adjective boring people use to describe fun people.
JK: "Nip slip!"
Maren: "You're so immature"
JK: "You're so boring"
Maren: "I know"
jmfkによって 2014年11月18日(火)
living life to the fullest
Ashley and Katie are being immature by having fun .
ImmatureGurlによって 2012年08月12日(日)
A word women use to describe male behavoir which they cannot comprehend.
Ugly Becky: "OMG! Darrel cheated on me! I don't get it!"
Plain Jane: "Just forget about him Becky, he's just immature."
ThEmperorによって 2008年11月18日(火)
Someone who maybe be irresponsible unorganized and does little kid things but all in all is a fun person!
B: Your so immature.
ieezsooperawzumninjaによって 2010年02月14日(日)
A word that by incorporation of seperation anxiety may create illusion of being mature, audibly interpreted as I'm mature; also applicable to synchronous messaging or restricted sites.
IM mature enough for messy messenger, mmm?
Hercolena Oliverによって 2008年07月10日(木)


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