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an indaian nigger
whats up my igger?
Anonymousによって 2003年09月08日(月)
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An East Indian person or person of East Indian decent who thinks that they are black. Just like a wigger, excpet this applies to Indian people. These kind of people can commonly be found on myspace.
That guy Don Revo is a real igger.
Kumar13によって 2007年03月14日(水)
indian version of the african american term; can be used by any race when referring to an indian
tiger woods: "Yo vijayyyy, whats good my igger"
vijay singh: "Nothin much dawg, just hittin' up da links"
asinによって 2008年07月10日(木)
indian gangsters who walk around like there all that
hey man thoes guys are f***ing iggers
evangeline aによって 2007年09月27日(木)
noun. an ignorant person.

plural - iggers
"quit trying to convince everyone that Occupy Wall Street is hopeless, you igger!"
Tony Toenailによって 2011年11月29日(火)
it is the same way like callin a black man a nigger but it is directed to a indian
(bad way of callin an indian)
Wow, watch out for that igger
PFKによって 2005年06月19日(日)

Islamic Gun Grabbing ESDL Retard
Obama is an IGGER!
Obama is a gun grabbing Islamic ESDL
Srehpog_Daedによって 2009年04月29日(水)


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