someone who has an I.Q Below the norm I.E you
shut up idiot
kritsによって 2003年11月17日(月)
Simple minded fools that have nothing intelligent to say about politics so they insult the person, not the issue.
Most Liberals/Democrats have nothing intelligent to say about an issue therefore they are idiot(s).
C4FF31N3FR34Kによって 2003年11月02日(日)
1.People who attempt to boost their self-esteem or confidence by posting their most negative and stereotypical beliefs from the scial barrier of the Internet.

2.A person of low intellect.
3.A person incapable of earning their own living.
4.A person who, due to some profound physical/biological anomaly, is incapable of feeding, dressing, or bathing themselves.
5.Not necessarily somebody who goes to a particular website, enjoys a kind of music, supports a certain political party, etc. but a general description for a number of human beings regardless of race, nationality, religion(or lack thereof), etc.
6.A general social commentary used by people who believe that they are more inteligent than the other which basically means, "I don't like you, so I'm going to try to insult you."
She was an idiot! I don't like her.
Human Beingによって 2003年11月01日(土)
Someone who needs to see a mentalist.
Youu Idiot..!
Magikによって 2003年10月25日(土)
Basically a less-harsh insult than saying "YOU DAMN FRIGGIN' MORON!"
Unknown Personthingyによって 2003年09月21日(日)
Anyone who puts in a politician as the definition for this word.
LOL!!!!1 IDIOT = insert politician here!!11 I AM A COMIC GENUIS!!!1
Anonymousによって 2003年09月15日(月)
1)A person below normal intelegence
2)A perswon that was dropped on their head at a very young age
Dumbass fucknut cumbubble bunghole Assfucker
Fuck Marlyn in da butt!によって 2003年08月05日(火)