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a mentally retarded person; someone with low understanding of the world and the things in it. A meaner way of calling somebody stupid. Should not always be taken literal.
That arab kid, Mike, is a complete idiot.
ayyjunsonによって 2011年11月08日(火)
Pronounced "eye-diot"

A fool who mindlessly buys and uses Apple products without knowing why they chose them. The real reason could be that they are:
1.) Vain - want to look 'cool' without regard to functionality
2.) Insecure - need a 'premium' product to feel good about themselves
3.) Technically inept - never really mastered the PC or any other tech device so they just gave up and bought the watered down Apple-toy
4.) A Hippie or Hipster (enough said!)
5.) Really loves to type 2-3 words per minute with lots of typos!
Man - "It's ironic they have a 'Genius Bar' at the Apple Store"
Woman - "Why"?
Man - "Because everyone there is an iDiot!"
Contrarian88によって 2011年10月20日(木)
One who's extreme incompetence makes you wonder how they are still breathing.
In a chatroom...

Guy 1: obama shuts down the navy

Me: .... What kind of mind numbing shit is fed to you daily?
Seriously, there's no shortage of idiots.. ever.
ertfydによって 2011年09月28日(水)
An apple user.
iPod- apple mp3 player

iPad- apple tablet

iPhone- apple phone

iDiot- apple users
L33DSによって 2011年09月13日(火)
an acronym for you
you are an idiot
buoyancyによって 2011年08月14日(日)
someone who yells before thinking about what they yell.
Joe is an idiot because he yelled at that cop.
samlad nyltakによって 2011年07月16日(土)
San Jose Sharks
The San Jose sharks are idiots!
Joe-V the greatestによって 2011年05月22日(日)