To hit fast and hard and leave everyone unsatisfied

(in simpler terms, to not last long during sex).
sleeping with him was a bad idea. I got hurricaned!
ineedahsによって 2011年05月10日(火)
really good bob dylan song. the song is about rubin carter, a boxer who was sent to jail for murder, although he was innocent. the song is more of a speech that rhymes than a song.
here comes the story of the hurricane
click clack cluckによって 2005年07月19日(火)
When a person dunks their head in a bucket in ice water for at least five seconds, pulls their head out, gets slapped in the face by the nearest friend, shotguns a beer, and then carries on without adjusting hair or makeup.
"I hurricaned last night between pre-gaming and going to the bar, it was the perfect conversation starter!"
rittreによって 2011年11月21日(月)
The act of destroying said woman's room while she wipes the sperm out of her eyes.
Dude 1: "How was Cindy last night?"

Dude 2: "Not as mad as this morning when I hurricaned all over her room after a morning beej."
blake50785によって 2011年05月07日(土)
When a teenage boy is urinating and his friend walks in, pushes him around, and yells "hurricane"! Causing urine to spread all about the seat.
Why is there piss on the seat?" "Because he hurricaned me!
Makld2010bitchesによって 2010年06月04日(金)
A small tornado conjured to wreak mayhem. Works on people resilient to magic as well.
My Hurricane hit him full-blast in the chest.
BartimaeusDefsによって 2009年10月28日(水)
to shoot a load in a fan and let blow on ones face.
Last night i gave my girfriend a hurricane.
Luke Joeによって 2008年05月08日(木)