The fucking sweetest way to get around town.
"Look at that guy's total golfcart!"
tisasecrettttによって 2008年06月23日(月)
Man its so rough in my hood, that one time a group of white kids drove down to my house to ask directions to somewhere.
Im living ghetto fabulous in suburbia.
Not Zaneによって 2004年07月22日(木)
Golf carts are wonderfully made contraptions. Usually made to coast all over a golf course. BUT for me and my friends in the "hood", we use them for drive-bys. You can shoot some people no problem in a golf cart, just reach out with a n uzi, bang bang, drive off as quickly as you can. Not a big deal.
OH SHIT A FUCKING GOLF CART DRIVE-BY!-Abraham Lincoln as he got assassinated by John Wilks Boothe (IN A GOLF CART)
Kung Fu actiion grip kick ass gammete Jacksonによって 2004年07月22日(木)