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The act of performing oral sex on a person of Asian descent.
I performed some serious gobbledygook at that Pho house on Saturday.
rentonによって 2009年11月13日(金)
wordy and generally unintelligible jargon (nonsense)
He spent all of last week getting clobberfaced and spouting off gobbledygook.
Bob Baxterによって 2004年01月24日(土)
Gibberish; just plain nonsense.
You don't need to tell me all that gobbledy-gook.
Koelliによって 2010年06月29日(火)
A slang term used to describe persons with one oriental parent and one caucasian parent.
Since Chi was only half Korean, she wasn't a full blown Gook, but rather a gobbledygook.
John Quantumによって 2006年09月07日(木)
The nonsense that Protestants believe in.
Lutherans don't believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived immaculate. That sounds like a lot of gobbledygook to me.
GuidoPosse69によって 2005年02月25日(金)