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1. Command- Perform oral sex upon me.

2. Taunt- similar to f*ck you. a sign of disrespect
1. Hey I'm feelin' horny, why don't you get on your knees and gobble my knob.

2. Hey buddy, if you don't like my attitude, you can gobble my knob.
bonereater84@yahoo.comによって 2006年02月25日(土)
the act of sucking penis

oral gratification
hey there, sexy girl. why don't you slide yo fine ass over here and gobble my knob?
cereal killaによって 2005年01月13日(木)
Something you can say to a woman if you're interested in getting kicked in the nuts.
He said, "gobble my knob," so I tied him up, took his clothes, and left.
Stormcrafterによって 2006年04月12日(水)