Top Definition
full of globs and lumps
This paint I'm filtering is glumpy, full of globs and lumps!
creatiffanyによって 2008年03月02日(日)
For those occasions when you need a cross between glum and grumpy.
Jane was glumpy because standing in a pile of cat sick had ruined her new shoes.
Kate Blogsによって 2009年01月31日(土)
When a man receives oral sex while taking a dump.
That ho is so dirty, she even gave me a glumpy!
tharperによって 2004年10月23日(土)
to receive head while taking a shit
Darnell gives glumpys for 2 dollars.
Frankによって 2005年04月08日(金)
Term used to describe Kenneth Taylor.
Kenneth is glumpy.
Nick Simpsonによって 2003年09月12日(金)

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