Any mechanical apparatus that a Godard has attempted to repair and instead caused it to permanently fail.
That incompetent mechanic G'd up my vehicle.
#vehicle #fail #hack #bicycle mechanic #repair
mrevertingによって 2007年09月08日(土)
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dressed to kill
that outfit is g'd up
Stephanieによって 2003年09月14日(日)
Yall are way off. G'd up is being "dressed" G-angsta from head to toes, reppin your hood.
A LA Hoova Crip would wear the following;

-Fitted Houston Astro's hat
-any oversized open coat/top wit oversized white-T under.
-Blue dickies saggin with rag handing out the back pocket
-Belt wit "H" buckle
-Blue chucks

Now, sport this outside yo hood, and your st8 up, G'd up!
#gansta #attire #g-code #stagging #rep yo city
Marcellausによって 2006年04月29日(土)
1. Extremely pumped, charged or excited.
2. To be dressed like a G, that is wearing Gangsta like clothing.
1. We got G'dup before we went into town to kill people.
2. Going out fully G'dup.
Diegoによって 2003年11月20日(木)
Said of a person that is all dressed up
G'dup from the feet up
Kgによって 2003年10月14日(火)
When you are fresh and looking clean.
Man, you are looking gdup
#gdup #g'd up #jeedup #gd up #g'ed up
1WithTheDark によって 2015年03月09日(月)
When someone dresses up in a pimpin way
If you see Kris with his £250000 jewels and mink coat he would be g-dup
Torquayによって 2003年06月21日(土)
The word for calling something awesome or kool
Bruh, that's G'd up
#brah #gangster #midlo mob #grossi #yung reilly
BuffaloBeatdownによって 2011年05月21日(土)

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