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The term used for women attached to a domicile as a perk (like renting an apartment that is already furnished).
From the movie Soylent Green:
Shirl tells Thorn that she's getting a new tenant
Det. Thorn: He'll like you. You're a helluva piece of furniture.
Shirl: Don't talk to me like that. Please.
Det. Thorn: OK.
duffoloniousによって 2008年11月12日(水)
20 3
When at least three guys in the same living arrangement have gotten on the same girl, she is referred to as furniture.
Everyone's been on that piece of furniture.

I got on Sarah last night, since you guys have hooked up with her too I guess that makes her furniture now.
doghunterによって 2009年01月06日(火)
14 7
Marijuana, colloquial, obscure. Used to camouflage in mixed company or in telephone conversations.
"Hey, wanna come over and help me move some furniture?"
"Whoa, that was some heavy-ass furniture."
"Dennis and I burned some old furniture last night. It was danky."
Bjasondotcomによって 2006年05月21日(日)
25 18
another nickname for a man's package
before going rock-climbing, i had to make sure all the furniture was in the same room
tfitz87..によって 2008年07月28日(月)
10 9
Something you sit on.
Grenade is a peice of furniture
Apple likerによって 2012年06月18日(月)
1 1
Office workers that have been there so long, and do so little, that you only notice them when they move or are missing.
Hey where's Fred? It's like somebody took a piece of the furniture !
Roscoe Rulesによって 2011年04月07日(木)
1 4
Another word for a women.
Can I get some of that furniture?
That piece of furniture is hot.
Tyannia Stocktonによって 2004年04月23日(金)
19 26