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A genre that can be used to describe the new sound of certain bands most notably Inflames and Soilwork. Normally the vocals try to sound "br00tal" but actually end up sounding like celine dion trying to growl. Lyrical themes are typical emo teen angst to inner struggles, or even meaningless shit. Former talented Melodic death/Gothenburg bands Inflames & Soilwork currently lead the movement. Most of their current fans ignore the bands earlier sound and pretend it never existed, vice versa for the old fans.

Old Melodic Death Inflames Lyrics
"in your world, the day is no threat
in my world, there is an absence of light
"genetic superior cell" controlled
by the fathomless and unbearable" -Colony

New Flowercore Inflames Lyrics
"It burns, it rips, it hurts"- Leeches

Old Melodic Death Soilwork Lyrics
Treasurize this entertainment now!
By public demand we work for this pleasure. -Generation Speedkill.

New Flowercore Soilwork Lyrics
"I'm waiting for something to show,
I might as well (go kiss a guy)...
Just drag me down so low!" - Stabbing the Drama
Ander Friden: "It Huuuuurrrts IT RIPPPPS IT BUUURRRNSSS" *pulls out blade* */wrist*
Anders Friden: /wrists for flowercore!!
IF Fans: There are rumours that these guys had albums before Reroute to remain.
IF Fans2: Nah those who say that are just a bunch of posers.
Bjorn:I'm waiting for something to show, *kisses guy*
Rob Halford: Me Next!

Anders Fridenによって 2007年06月01日(金)


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