A less offensive word to replace a widely used swear word starting with the same letter. Used because of it's similarity to the word when written in block capitals.
Hey! Flick you man!
You're a flickin motherflicker!
What the flick did you just call me?!
This girl was the best/worst flick I'd ever had!
ravenhissによって 2003年09月13日(土)
Top Definition
a movie (see also chick flick)
That was the best flick ever.
Light Jokerによって 2005年05月07日(土)
slang for photographs, often used in the graffiti culture.
did you get flicks of that train you painted last night?
MC Boongeによって 2003年08月13日(水)
"Movies is Flicks"

-Big L
Lets catch a flick sometime
anonymousによって 2004年03月28日(日)
slang for pornographic movies
do you watch flicks?
r-breezyによって 2010年07月26日(月)
A way of opening a folding knife quickly by 'flicking' your wrist rather than using the thumb stud (or thumb hole on some models). This is not advisable with poor quality knives but is better reserved for higher end brands like Benchmade, Strider, etc.
My new knife sucks cuz I cant flick it open!
EDCblademan27によって 2009年03月27日(金)
Any pornographical material captured on film.
Uncle Luke make some tight ass flicks.
Ricky Riversによって 2003年09月15日(月)
A flick is a female dancer such as a stripper or a pole dancer. A beautiful woman who loves to dance and have a good time.
Check out that flick on the pole
phsyco paradiseによって 2010年10月21日(木)

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