Top Definition
a fetish for feet. one who is turned on by high heels, flip flops or bare naked feet is said to have a feetish.
Paul gets aroused in womens shoe stores because he has a "feetish".
ringos rifleによって 2009年09月18日(金)
A foot fetish
Tara has a feetish
Emily Daniellによって 2012年01月28日(土)
the combination of foot and fetish.
That guy is staring at my feet, he must have a feetish!
Rachel#7によって 2009年11月01日(日)
- an obsession for peoples feet

- foot fetish
you have a feetish for having a feet shoved up you're ass.
assYou'reによって 2010年01月13日(水)
its a plural word for fish.
there are a bunch of feetish in that lake.
Kasandra and Vinnyによって 2006年08月11日(金)


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