In gamer circles, the person who coordinates and runs a gaming session. The dorkmaster is responsible for securing the equipment, knowing and teaching the rules of the game, resolving any issues or disputes, and generally keeping the game flowing; like a dungeon master, but not D&D-specific.
Frank was a terrible dorkmaster; he didn't know how to set up the board and we spent half the game watching him look up rules.
milesmason777によって 2008年08月04日(月)

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One who has honed their specific area of dorkishness to a high art. All dorks within their own sphere of dorkishness (short wave radio, star wars collectibles, etc.) bow to their supreme dork powers.
Man, I thought I was a comic book geek, but that guy has like 5000 comics in his basement - he is the total Dork Master of comicbookdom.
Jack1234によって 2006年01月17日(火)
Traci is a dorkmaster because she's mean to eric
Anonymousによって 2003年07月14日(月)