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A combination of dope and fantastic into one word
Raindrops on flowers are dopetastic

V-necks are dopetastic
a_vacadoによって 2009年06月25日(木)
the words dope and fantastic combined. (:
Yo that song is dopetastic !
Salviigrldownthablockによって 2008年10月22日(水)
Dope, the 'tastic way.
Thats dope! Dope-tastic!
Sashaによって 2004年04月08日(木)
of badass descent this word come from the straight up thuggish ruggish latin G's fo sho. It represent the epitemy of greatness and sex appeal.
Damn bro did you see that dopetastic guy he kicking that foos ass.
Ryan Vidalesによって 2009年02月26日(木)
Awesomely sweet, relating to an object(NOT a person); see "raw"
Yo, that sound system is dope-tastic!
B-wareによって 2005年01月07日(金)