Something you yell out after you trick someone. Kind of like "made you look" but its cooler.
For example, if you're playing basketball and you throw a fake pass and the guy defending you turns and looks for the ball, you might yell DONKEY.
HRadamによって 2005年11月27日(日)
6 16
A big swinging dick. Sourced from "hung like a donkey" or "donkey dick."
My friend Karen loves donkey!
Robert MacKenzieによって 2005年08月29日(月)
37 47
The animal Jesus rode into Jerusalem on.
Here comes Jesus riding on a donkey. Hosanna, hosanna. Hosanna to the King!
Stevenによって 2004年03月03日(水)
34 44
When used as an adverb donkey implies sexual gusto.
She went donkey on that monkey.
Elroy Fitzによって 2004年02月01日(日)
12 22
An assignment (ass)
I have to go work on my donkey.
Kiomoによって 2003年10月29日(水)
3 13
A term of identification used for anoyone who can closely imitate the stunned demeanor that donkey kong takes when he receives a serious blow to the head. This shortened form is more easily said in conversation than "donkey kong". D.K. is just too cool to be considered for such a person. Also, it carries connotations of Shrek's sidekick.
Josh Good is donkey. Call him that when you see him on Lycoming Campus and elsewhere.
shorkyによって 2005年02月17日(木)
2 13
a nice dig ass
that girl got a nice donkey
spittycentによって 2004年06月10日(木)
10 21