Top Definition
Receiving a "blowjob" and shooting your "load" so she feels it in the back of her "dome" aka head.
Hey ho! can i get a dome shot?
Faviliciousによって 2003年04月04日(金)
When you hit someone in the head with your penis causing massive damage
that dome shot left her paralized
Speedy & Veteranoによって 2004年08月17日(火)
any infliction or damage done to the head, cranium, or any other central area. taking something to one's own head.
1)I fell off my motorcycle and suffered a serious domeshot.
2)That nigga gave him a serious dome shot after he wiped his bugger on his FUPA.
3)y'all good on that blunt? DOMESHOT!
2102によって 2005年10月20日(木)
to geta blow job or oral sex
she gave me dome shots while i was driving
blaaaaによって 2006年02月10日(金)
oral sex when administered by a female to a male, otherwise known as a blowjob
Did she give you a dome shot?
Fudによって 2003年11月13日(木)
another word for gettin a blowjob
Im going to get that bitch to give me domeshots
da-weedmanによって 2005年11月07日(月)
1. A hit of marijuana that results in an instant high.
HansHansHansによって 2009年09月04日(金)

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