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An incredibly brilliant melodic death metal act that hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their talent for harmonic composition is unparalleled by anyone since Beethoven, as best exemplified by their 1995 release, The Gallery. Formed in 1989, their lineup has remained fairly stable compared to other Swedish acts.

Mikael Stanne - Vocals, former guitarist
Anders Jivarp - Drums
Niklas Sundin - Guitar
Martin Henriksson - Guitar, former bassist
Michael Nicklasson - Bass
Martin Brandstrom - Keyboards, electronics

Former Members:
Anders Friden - Vocals (now in In Flames)
Fredrik Johansson - Guitar
Uneducated metalhead: Man, Gothenburg metal sucks. It's all commercialized, uninspired crap nowadays.
Me: Obviously you haven't heard of Dark Tranquillity.
Stand Ablazeによって 2005年09月29日(木)
Along with Arch Enemy, probably the best melodic death bands ever to grace the planet.

Also, they are the one of the few bands that remain constantly awesome throughtout their whole career and don't water down their music to attract a larger audience.

They have the most harmonious riffs ever, with nice groovy drumtracks and a spectacular keyboard player. In fact, they are so harmonious and melodic, you swear they have an invisble conductor while they perform live.
Dark Tranquillity is also a really good live band, as they care about their fans and the singer jumps in the crowd all the time.

However, the singer is a tad strange, as he does these really weird motions when he performs live. That doesn't change the fact they kick ass on a biblical scale.
stab lickerによって 2007年03月25日(日)

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