Distributed File System
DFS is neat.
Jimbo23Rによって 2003年10月24日(金)
dead fucking serious
oh ur so fulla shit...

no, im DFS!
anagcanによって 2008年11月02日(日)
Tom: Look how Justin's just laying there.
Adam: He's got DFS
iSekCによって 2011年07月18日(月)
Depressed Faggot Syndrome.

A fag or very gay man feels less faggosh or gay and goes to another man for couch. Except this does not work, he is a fag of course. Spreads from one fag to the next.

Spreadable social virus caused by one divafag trying to out diva another fag causing the fag to be outdivad and find another diva fag.
I was at the rich people's party in Northampton and saw a mild case of DFS was going around then made an exit.

Casey went to a tensed heated male strip club and couldn't figure out why she couldn't get action. Case was there was DFS going around.
europopianによって 2009年07月30日(木)
Designated D.U.F.F. Snatcher- The friend in the group that always seems to grab the D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

Also See: WingMan
"Dude, who is going to wingman tonight?"

"Tommy is. Hes always the DFS"
BigFootRay06によって 2009年07月09日(木)
A fake condition of the foot from tan line made by wearing flip flop sandals in excess in the sun that gives the apperance of having extremely dirty feet.
Look how fucking dirty her feet look, must be DFS.
Poopooheadforrealによって 2009年03月20日(金)
Dumb Fuck Syndrome
Holy shit this guy has DFS
IcYによって 2003年06月09日(月)


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