Really awesomely attractive.
Sara is such a cute girl!
Sara's koala bear ;)によって 2010年12月12日(日)
panders, delightfully pretty, dainty, appealing
you're lookin cute today <3
chya kekeによって 2009年01月02日(金)
Something that is adorable and makes you feel warm inside.
Rachel and Matt are so cute together!
Frostmatt1337によって 2010年11月27日(土)
The defintion of Ashika Muduliar.
She is so cute she is such an ashika
lazowazoによって 2010年02月25日(木)
someone who is little and cuddly
Sara is cute.
littlecuteoneによって 2008年09月03日(水)
Very good looking. But not someone that knows they are cute. Occasionally the boy knows he is good looking. But girls are always saying how cuuutueeeee that boy looks! Good lookin.
And sweet boy too. :)
Guy Walker Chadwick is sooo CUTE.
strawbanaによって 2011年02月20日(日)
easy to adore, and love as made obvious by the things the person says or does and by the way the person looks!
woah, sombra is so cute, shes like the cutest girl in the world
Valociraptorによって 2010年11月01日(月)


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