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Insult, implying a person has the facial features of the female genitals.
"shut up cuntfeatures"
antsによって 2005年02月14日(月)
when someones facial features are those of a cunt, thus fucking ugly!
boy: do you wanna go out with me?
girl: fuck off, cunt features!
Shell555によって 2007年01月03日(水)
Someone who is a stupid, dopey cunt.
Person 1: What do you think of Dazza?
Person 2: You mean cunt features?
Sick Cunt Timによって 2006年07月05日(水)
To be a likened to the female gentials in the facial area
His face was so mishapened, he had some terrible Cunt Features

Shut the fuck up Cunt Features
Emmanuelle the firstによって 2007年12月27日(木)