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(noun) disparaging reference to a woman who sleeps around and readily accepts penetration sex without protection
Mona has fucked most of the guys in the office, she's just a cum depository.
Jakeによって 2004年03月24日(水)
a place where you can deposit cum, usually a vagina, or somewhere else. use your imagination.
i just got back from using the cum depository!
#cum #depository #vagina #deposit #penis
ahaha :Dによって 2008年10月09日(木)
a belly button when it gets filled.
He pulled out and added his life savings to the cum depository.
#come depository #belly button #life savings #filled #pull out
Ouisch27によって 2007年04月15日(日)
Kyle Rose or Quinn McVey, see yeti
Kyle Rose enjoys bukkake thoroughly
steveによって 2004年01月11日(日)
richie sciuto is known for it
richie is known for being a cum depository.
Dominatrixによって 2005年03月25日(金)

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