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1. To mean 'going on'? or 'how are you'?
2. 'Let's leave' or to do something quickly.
3. Somethin totally cool, sensational or excellent.
1. "What's crackin?"
2. "Let's get crackin."
3. "That was a crackin pool shot."
Diegoによって 2003年07月17日(木)
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Going on
"Whats crackin?" whats going on?
melissaによって 2002年10月14日(月)
to get it started
lets get this party crackin
LilLadyによって 2002年06月12日(水)
To say what's going on or to describe something that was good.
1) Yo what's crackin son?
2) That party was on and crackin last night.
Ashley from harlemによって 2006年01月23日(月)
Indicating the success of a socially active event;
an area, event, venue, city, country, place which is: - exciting and/ or
cool and/ or
The partys crackin' tonight!
Byron Umbrasによって 2006年06月03日(土)
What is happening. what is happening in any kind of surronding. Asking for information
whats crackin around the block.
quebedoによって 2006年08月31日(木)
Crip sayin for What up
What crackin my nigga?
str8 out da funkによって 2008年09月03日(水)


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