Derrived from the term "Claggical World"

Can mean anything you want it to.
You're such a hopeless cladge!

I love your striped professor jacket! It's so cladge!
The Cladgestによって 2004年12月07日(火)

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(Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb)

See examples.
1. That neon pink zipper pull on his windbreaker coat is SO cladge!

2. You had to go and cladge it up, didn't you?

3. Quincy, why don't you quit being such a cladge and take your hands off that man's belongings?

4. If you had just acted a little more cladgely then we could have made it to the polka party on time.
gafhaterによって 2004年12月06日(月)
Female gym goers.
You missed out on some right sweaty cladge at the gym earlier.
Jim_Thrushによって 2009年10月20日(火)