a nice short fat penis
tyler has a major chow its a good example just ask him about it.
fatshitrunninによって 2007年08月15日(水)
to express DISGUST(Emotion. A sickening feeling of revulsion, loathing, or nausea)
is an expression that has a same effect as euiwh ~
SUpermodel : chow !!!! she walks like she's on crack !
warna_2003によって 2005年02月21日(月)
a big, ugly, mean, orange breed of dog with a blue tounge and wooly fur.

one of these things tried to kill my sister once...
connie's chow sucks. this is the third time it's clamped onto my sack this week.
dagger_grrlによって 2003年10月12日(日)
tracy applez is always chow now wow how
chow is always being an applez
Anonymousによって 2003年08月19日(火)
weird ass nigga; not in the good way
Omar is a chow.
IRHTFWによって 2015年03月28日(土)


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