a modern term for a person who is very good at what he/she does.
that chitty is great at the drums
-によって 2003年11月21日(金)
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The word chitty means "car" in Navajo.
That's a cool chitty you're driving.
JRAYOによって 2007年12月16日(日)
24 16
Its when girls have tits that look big, but they are just chub, not real tits.
Dude 1: DAYUM That girl over there has some HUGE cans.
Dude 2: Dont trip bro, they are only chitties.
robによって 2002年07月25日(木)
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another word for shitty, but "vato" style
Dem are some chitty titties mang.
japwhicanによって 2010年07月01日(木)
11 8
General term for sex (i.e. chitty chitty bang bang)
Travis: "How was that chick you left the party with?"

Jake: "Ahh alright, she talked a lot, but i got some good chitty from her."
dat guy deuceによって 2009年09月13日(日)
18 15
Chin titties. When someone has so many layers to their butt chin that they appear to have a pair of breasts coming out of their lower face region.
I'm not sure if I should be turned on or grossed out by your floppy chitties.
Chunky Tによって 2012年03月02日(金)
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Lame ; Uncool; Busted Down
Man you chitty , that's why idon't hang witchu .
C-Pizzleによって 2011年08月05日(金)
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