Trying to be cute when not
Niggas mad chips; Shes mad chips
BlackSupaMAnによって 2013年05月06日(月)
to smoke marijuana/weed
Dude lets go chip at the beach
friendlyjerlenaによって 2011年01月31日(月)
A secret word for Cigarette. This word is used when you talk to your friends about wanting to smoke but your parents are within earshot.
I'm going to go for a chip.

It's raining. Let's go eat a chip.
Napiaによって 2010年10月14日(木)
If something is chips, it's okay, if something isn't chips, it's not okay. That's that.
Me: "That's just not chips, mate."
"P Nizzle"によって 2010年02月16日(火)
A quick hit, usually to the face or chin. To punch or jab someone.
Yo I swear da next time I see dat nigga imma chip him
jerz niggaによって 2009年03月25日(水)
being instructed to run, leave quickly
yo! u best chip now or ya gettin a beatin
Mack-S12によって 2008年10月28日(火)
the dried feces stuck to the tip of the penis after unprotected anal sex
when jerry finally pulled out, he had chip on his tip
scuttlebuttによって 2008年03月06日(木)


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