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A person who is not only cheap, but also foists his cheapness on others in irritating ways.
The dude who brings TWO PBRs to a BYOB party and then drinks six pilsners is a cheapass. This is probably the same guy who doesn't want to evenly split the bill at a restaurant because your food cost $33 and his only cost $30.
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creaternityによって 2006年05月19日(金)
someone who is very very stingy, generally a mutual friend that has little respect from others.
"Jim went to the bar to get us drinks last night and I gave him 5 bucks and when he returned he asked me for the extra 10 cents.....what a cheap ass"
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Trez_Cityによって 2006年12月12日(火)
A person who, regardless of income, finds it necessary to pay less than his or her fair share, if anything, or lacks interest in doing activities that cost money.

Such individuals may resort to nonsensical excuses that do not justify why he or she doesn't want to do something (such as go to the movies) that may potentially cost money.

He or she may also simply carry credit cards on a night out when they know the activities during the night will cost actual cash and not plastic. This is to avoid paying for their share and being able to fall back on, "I only have my card." They will sometimes ask you to spot them and they'll pay you back later, but you know that won't happen.

A simple solution to prevent from being seen as a cheapass is to merely say, "hey man, I really don't have the money right now, do you mind if we do something else?" Being honest is something that people will respect. Also, cheapasses generally think they're clever with their words and that nobody is figuring out that it's because they don't have any money (or don't want to spend it). However, people can usually detect when somebody is being a cheapass and tend to make fun of said person behind their back because it's annoying that they won't just be honest.

Another solution to prevent from being a cheapass is to always make sure you pay money back to people you owe it to. Nothing is worse than when somebody owes you money and they continue to not pay you back and give you excuse after excuse as to why they don't have it, yet you see them spending money on a girl or other stupid things. It is best to stop being friends and/or associating with said cheapasses.
Joe: Hey man do you want to go see a movie?
Sam: Nah man all the movies out look terrible. (Even though he was just talking about how good movie ___ looked)
Joe: Oh... well do you want to go bowling?
Sam: No man I just went a few months ago.
Joe: Why does that mean you can't go now?
Sam: Because dude I don't want to. What the hell.
Joe: Well do you want to do anything?
Sam: There's nothing to do. Maybe you can just come sit at my house.
Joe (in his mind): Damn cheapass...
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THEJohnathanによって 2009年05月03日(日)
A person who is tight with there money and finds the cheapest way out of things and is also someone who stingily avoids spending money. Similar to cheapskate.
Gabriel: (buys food for the family) I cant believe this Little Caesars pizza only cost my five bucks.

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Trackstar118によって 2009年07月01日(水)
A cheap ass is a boss who drinks expensive wine at the dinner table but at work can't pay you for travel time.
I worked as a landscaper in fort st john bc and she was a cheap ass, I had a boss last summer who drank expensive wines at the dinner table. But when I asked for travel time owings she wouldn't pay me. just TREEMENDOUS

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screwed overによって 2007年01月09日(火)
One who helps him/her self to anything that someone else paid for and hides everything he/she bought.

Example; Invited to a dinner, eats more than their share and don't mind going back and taking the last serving or ask if they can take the rest home with them.

Staying with someone for a few days or weeks. Use the Hosts toiletries when they have their own.

Comes up with a cock-mania story about their vehicle and ask to use yours. Burns out the gas and does NOT replace it.

When you finally see you are being taken advantage of, you stop making things available for them. Then they start calling you a "tight ass".
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Shineonによって 2013年08月17日(土)
One who is a miser.
John wouldn't lend me a dollar. He is such a cheapass.
Blueduck577によって 2003年11月30日(日)

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