The city of dukes, Albuquerque. While many uneducated YOLOs claim the origin is unknown, the original gente knows. The word is short for the original spelling of the city "Alburquerque", in which you find the word burque. This is the original name of the founders and the original city in Spain.
Learn history before promoting things you know nothing about. Burque comes from Alburquerque, the original spelling of the city. Damn YOLOs.
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Lakrymistによって 2013年08月26日(月)
Top Definition
Slang/abbreviation for city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The term, although specific origins are unknown, is thought to have lingered through generations of "Burqueños," (people from Albuquerque).

Very recently there has been a collective reaffirmation of this nickname in response to current Mayor Martin Chavez's announcement of a commercially-driven re-branding of Albuquerque as the "the Q." Many people feel as if this new nickname has nothing to do with Albuquerque, but with a gentrified version of the city that has been sanitized to be more palatable to outside investors. Nevertheless, new city buses and other city-run aspects of the community have adopted/been branded with this new catch-phrase.
The Frontier restaurant is classic Burque: old people on sundays, pop-punk teens at 11pm after their concert, cholos at any time of day, and when all the bar-going individuals somehow find their way up from downtown when the bars close.
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El Burqueñoによって 2007年10月21日(日)
Burque is slang for the city of Albuquerque New Mexico. It is pronounced like: Booor-ke. A non-New Mexican calling it that is just asking for a punch in the face. Mayor/village idiot Martin Chavez is trying to change its nick name to "The Q". ANYONE calling it the The Q is asking for a beat down.
person 1: "Hey, did you here that douche bag mayor Chavez is trying to change burque's nickname to "The Q"?

person 2: " What the fuck does The Q have to do with Burque???"

person 3: "Fuck that stupid cunt. Its always been called Burque."
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teo chavezによって 2008年05月04日(日)
Refers to Albuquerque, NM.

It is the inspiration for a forthcoming real-estate venture, to be known as "Burque Homes".

Burque Homes slogan will be:

"Burque Homes...holmes. Get your home from Burque Homes, holmes."
Hey holmes...need a home in Burque, holmes? Get it from Burque homes, holmes.
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BurqueRobotによって 2009年04月08日(水)
Abbreviation for Albuquerque
Hey what happened to Zach?

Man that chode moved back to burque like 2 months ago.
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bmojoによって 2007年06月08日(金)
The nickname given to Albuquerque by hispanic locals. In the past ten years or so a nameless local free weekly magazine decided to steal the term and anglicize for their own shameless self promotion by changing the pronounciation from Burque to "Ber-kee".

Yo soy de Burque!!!
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McLuvin505によって 2008年05月02日(金)
Albuquerque, the main city in the nmwasteland
We're representing Burque, the 505, up here in this hizzouse! A shout out to yall in Burque missing out on this! Wooooooo!
Tomsomaによって 2003年03月22日(土)

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