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bunkus, noun, adjective,
naught, bunkum, bogus, false, nonsensical, without logic or reason

from modern English, bunkum, bogus
...his words amounted to bunkus
...he reasoned with bunkus logic
Kerry Wallaceによって 2006年03月12日(日)
a hot girl you can never get
My my! Check out that bunku over there!
Whoa! She's bunku like!
bubble bobbleによって 2009年06月12日(金)
Noun, meaning butt (ass, etc.)

The example below is one I fondly remember my mother using back in Alabama in the early 50's.
"Lord, child! Your face is so dirty it looks like you been suckin' a money's bunkus!"
CodgerFinnによって 2008年01月28日(月)