A fault in a computer system
There's a few bugs to work out in the system.
Falconrathによって 2003年09月29日(月)
Bug is any technical,logical error or any kind of problem or any defect in Solo Code of a Computing Program,personality or anything.
I think there is bug in sheero that he is shemale.
Ah..!!Game is not working, I think there is bug in its code.
KAKA G REEVESによって 2011年08月12日(金)
An idiom, or slang, for Vagina.
"Hows your bug?" "A little wet.
Dokkによって 2010年08月25日(水)
Flipping out
yo she be buggin
ryan blakeによって 2003年05月07日(水)
In Computing/software there is actually no such thing as a bug. The correct definition/term is:

"Undocumented feature".
Customer: "There is a bug in your program!"
Support: "It's not a bug, it's an UNDOCUMENTED FEATURE! That will be $65 for the $5/min we charge for support.
Customer: "You charge me for being on hold 13 minutes?!"
ozvicによって 2011年07月11日(月)
An OGHip term for cigarettes, preferably for a hand-rolled Bugler, but never to exclude a good ole' Marb 27.
Taylor: "Hey Coke, wanna büg?"

Coco: "Of course."
OGHipによって 2010年10月30日(土)
An very annoying person
That guy is a bug; he never knows when to shut up.
Seymor Heinesによって 2008年02月18日(月)


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