A fault in a computer system
There's a few bugs to work out in the system.
Falconrathによって 2003年09月29日(月)
An idiom, or slang, for Vagina.
"Hows your bug?" "A little wet.
Dokkによって 2010年08月25日(水)
Bug is any technical,logical error or any kind of problem or any defect in Solo Code of a Computing Program,personality or anything.
I think there is bug in sheero that he is shemale.
Ah..!!Game is not working, I think there is bug in its code.
KAKA G REEVESによって 2011年08月12日(金)
Flipping out
yo she be buggin
ryan blakeによって 2003年05月07日(水)
In Computing/software there is actually no such thing as a bug. The correct definition/term is:

"Undocumented feature".
Customer: "There is a bug in your program!"
Support: "It's not a bug, it's an UNDOCUMENTED FEATURE! That will be $65 for the $5/min we charge for support.
Customer: "You charge me for being on hold 13 minutes?!"
ozvicによって 2011年07月11日(月)
An OGHip term for cigarettes, preferably for a hand-rolled Bugler, but never to exclude a good ole' Marb 27.
Taylor: "Hey Coke, wanna büg?"

Coco: "Of course."
OGHipによって 2010年10月30日(土)
An very annoying person
That guy is a bug; he never knows when to shut up.
Seymor Heinesによって 2008年02月18日(月)


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