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Attractive, glamorous or generally pleasing. Similar to ‘buff’ but with greater value and credibility.
This girl was buffting
Gatheによって 2002年11月27日(水)
This is someone that is really pretty / handsome.
Dat girl is sum buff ting!
Shane Marshによって 2005年03月01日(火)
If a thing is buff, it is a buffting. 'ting' being London garage slang for 'thing'*
Err, that bird down twerton park was a right buffting.

*"it's a London ting"
spencerによって 2003年02月01日(土)
good looking, fine, sexy, handsome, fit, beautiful a word to describe a girl or guy who is good looking
damn....hes a buffting
wassup buffting?
A word which means the same as buff: Fit, Sexy, Hot.
its used instead of buff because it sounds better!
aint that girl just proper buffting blad
#sexy #fit #buff #pretty #gorgus
markyt4によって 2006年10月18日(水)
Sexy, Fit
"Yo blud check her she's buff tings"
Ozによって 2003年08月07日(木)
if you seee a girl/boy who you think is fit you say...
it is used to expresss a feeling of "she is a hottttie"
boy: that galdem is a buff ting
friend of boy: yea she is bare buff ting a ring a ding ding!
#bare #buff #fit #ting #ring
audssによって 2006年07月28日(金)

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