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Also referred to as the anus. Often characterized by 'striations' that are in a star pattern.
Wow, that girl has some nice striations on her brown star.
Landon Howeによって 2005年01月15日(土)
An unwiped anus
"My brownstar is itching unforgivably"
Anonymousによって 2003年06月03日(火)
The anus when freshly browned.
Kyle forgot to wipe so his brown star bothered him (and everyone else around him) all day.
Brownie the Clownieによって 2006年11月25日(土)
One's anus
As in brown star cowboy - a male of homosexual persuasion
Anonymousによって 2003年01月16日(木)
Another term for an asshole
Frank became a brown star when he screwed my sister in the brown star.
Jay Essによって 2006年12月29日(金)
the mark left when one presses one's unclean anus against the skin of another.
She knew she'd had a bit too much to drink when she woke up with a brown star on her forehead and an empty box of Franzia at her feet.
EBによって 2003年08月18日(月)
when someone is having anal sex and pulls out as the person farts. causing small round pieces of poop to fly out
o man last night was crazy. why what happened? well i was doing my girlfriend and pulled out and she shot her brown stars all over me.
tattooed ugly guy 1988によって 2011年07月15日(金)


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