This food is broke.
Those chicks were broke as hell.
Hellaboredによって 2003年03月28日(金)
An extremely good, bad, and neutral stance on any one subject. An acceptable answer to any question.
Did you see that bitch?
1.Yeah, that shit's broke.
Do you see my new shirt?
2.Yeah, that shit's broke.
Clean your room.
3.That shit's broke.
4.That ride is so broke.
5.broke? Yeah, nigga BROKE.
cystによって 2005年09月17日(土)
Another term for a homosexual (male). Originating from the fact that the stereotypical gay male has a "break" in his wrists. Also stemming from the idea that heterosexuality is "fixed" or correct, so homosexuality has to be "broken".
Hey man, I dont know about your homebody Antwan... I think that somethin's broke.
10101011によって 2004年10月05日(火)
US Bat, alternativley one without money, you could be US Bat if you were broke.
I Broke my arm, man Im US Bat and I can't work... I'm Broke
OJによって 2003年11月07日(金)
Used to describe marital fidelity.
1. She broke my dick, man (I'm completely faithful to her).
Col. Dr.によって 2006年04月23日(日)
left (past tense of break)
that nigga broke when he seen us comin'
Monkeyによって 2004年01月31日(土)
Past tense of break.
Dat punk nigga done broke his dick!
YoMamaによって 2003年05月05日(月)

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