dc slang, a girl dats down to suck D**k.or perform oral pleasures, suckie suckie
SLim u c shorty over there, i'm tryin to get dat bop asap.

Keisha gave me bop, give me bop.
10th plによって 2007年09月26日(水)
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A name to call a female who gives head to anyone. They call them a bop because when they give head they bop there heads.
That lil bop was messing with my man last night!
Eyebisによって 2005年06月11日(土)
Also means give head (blowjob)
She said she waas going to bop me today
Sarahによって 2005年04月04日(月)
when someone recieves/gives oral sex
Anonymousによって 2003年10月18日(土)
"Bops" A Word Do Describe A Young Female.
Dawg Iam not Trying To Hang Out With Them "Bops",All They Are Is Trouble!
Finger Pop'n Paulによって 2006年06月14日(水)
A dance usally seen at parties or fiestas. Also seen when a person is turning up. Known regulary in Chicago, IL
turn_up_childによって 2013年07月17日(水)
im from the by and being a bop means u basically are a slut and known for being one.also known as a hoochie. know that one girl....she a bop.
iknowbopsによって 2008年07月10日(木)
A sexual favor, usually a handjob or blowjob.
I'm gonna get some bops tonight!
Artoonieによって 2006年10月27日(金)


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