A word to define a good butt (ass).
Damn she got a good fine ass booty!
A Pervertによって 2014年04月26日(土)
Slang name for butt..i like booty.
Damn, that bitches booty is big as hell!
Ten Wangmoによって 2012年04月13日(金)
One of the many things in life in which the bigger, the BETTER!
Salmon834によって 2012年01月17日(火)
1. Ass

2. A pirate's treasure

3. A lie

4. Crap
1. "Damn, look at that booty"

2. "Arg, how shall we split our booty?"

3. "Where's my money?" "I dunno" "Wow, That's Booty"

4. "What does it mean that my career was "booty". I've never heard that one." - MC Lucidious Mo\'nashiss
Not that dude, but the otherによって 2010年10月23日(土)
The primary aphrodisiac for African Americans.
Chris-"Damn! Look at that bitch's booty!!
Dayqwon-"Baby got back".
Capncoolによって 2010年04月03日(土)

1. A fine big round ass ~ usually with a nice small waist

2. Cheap; unfair

1. Damn nigga look at that fine azz booty!

2. Thats mad booty son.
Killa Dによって 2006年08月02日(水)
Black for the word Ass or Butt
black man:look at that fine girls booty!
white man:she doesnt have a bird with her.
a-l-i-xによって 2006年02月05日(日)


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