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That which validates a core essence of exceptional musicality without explicit adherence to traditionally proven composition and form.
- That new jawn on the radio is boose.
- He produces some boose tracks.
dr_smithabeatによって 2003年06月24日(火)
Arabic word meaning "kiss"
boose my nitin teez (kiss my dirty butt)
Shaniquaによって 2004年05月20日(木)
Frekin mix between a moose and a bear; only in ALASKA
I was in a car with my friends going down this road in ALASKA and i saw a Boose.
manda.x.marieによって 2008年07月17日(木)
Boose is the coolest moose on the face of the planet. He is the coolest moose you will ever meet. He had boobs, balls, and utters, and you are jealous! :D
Boose the moose is cooler then you.
pinkpizza99によって 2008年01月24日(木)
Father, dad ,Old man ,old gooke
Was down the pub with my old Boose
Adam Kirbyによって 2003年09月07日(日)
Head barman at the Whiteheads Sports & Social Club. Part time porn-star under the alias 'Boose Von-Valdrick'.
I vill take you zee anal vay, ja?
Boose's Slave Boiによって 2004年02月04日(水)
A neologism created from the words big and loose
She wears a boose shirt to hide her large breasts
DMAKKによって 2008年07月10日(木)

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