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Excessive indulgence in a source of enjoyment, often recently discovered
"have you heard 'Friday' by Rebecca Black?? I've been boning out to that sick jam all day"
Jay Dee Lによって 2012年01月25日(水)
9 0
Taking Viagra just to get more random boners. Boning out feels good.
I took some Viagra just because I wanted to have more random boners. I like boning out.

I went to my cousins house so I popped some " V ". We created this boning out def.
Harborsideによって 2013年05月23日(木)
3 0
leaving, exiting
"This party is boring, let's BONE OUT"
"Instead of staying at my Grandmother's house, I boned out"
Rebeccaによって 2003年07月06日(日)
11 14