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to do really poorly on something
I bombed both midterms and I didn't study for the final - I'm looking forward to taking that class again next semester
Fによって 2002年02月08日(金) be drunk or high on drugs do really poorly on something
A boy who was in DARE class whispered to his friend.

Boy: "Ready to get bombed after this?"
DARE officer: "What was that!?"
Boy: "I said 'I really bombed on your quiz'!"
DARE officer: "Oh, well study harder next time."
chocolate boxによって 2006年07月22日(土)
To get really high or stoned
God damn man im so fuckin bombed
Dmessxpressによって 2003年05月30日(金)
drunk off ya ass
The best was to enjoy a club, get bombed before ya get there.
DarkNovaによって 2001年12月08日(土)
a special state of inebriation in which privileged members of society can go unbothered by the authorities
Police Officer: Do you realize you were going 100 in a 50 zone?

Rich Drunk: Sorry, officer, but I'm BOMBED!

Police Officer: Oh, okay sir. Drive carefully.

Figleaf23によって 2009年01月14日(水)
Bombed means to get really drunk
Let's go get bombed tonight!
megによって 2005年03月16日(水)
getting totally drunk out of your face that you can't remember anything that happened the next morning. or to fail something horribly
I was so bombed last night i dont remember a thing

i was too bombed to drive home

i bombed that test yesterday
chickayeaaによって 2008年05月16日(金)

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