to be really high off marijuana
Damn, I just smoked 5 blunts, I'm blown!
Ashleyによって 2004年12月05日(日)
Similar to "wasted" but in relation to smoking "buddah" and not drinking alcohol. High of yer ass
I got blown last night
Papa Smurfによって 2003年02月04日(火)
really mad or upset about something.
her dad was blown when he found out about her grades.
geechelleによって 2008年07月10日(木)
High as a mothafucka!
Dude! We are so BLOWN right now!
S_xOxOによって 2008年08月02日(土)
To make one agravated or annoyed, or to shock one with ones ignorance

I'm blown because Austin keeps waking me up in the middle of the night.
Dalton Meemsによって 2007年09月27日(木)
itz when ur real mad; heated
damn im blown; they stole my radio
kryptoniteによって 2005年11月20日(日)
A way to say you're upset about something. Almost like you wanted to have sex but you got denied. Also when you get ignored or stood up you would be blown or blowed.
Dude I gotta write a paper. I am soo blown.
Austin Vaughtによって 2010年11月02日(火)