The feminine equivalent of blue balls
Dude, that chick went home with a bad case of the blabias
TheGoochによって 2007年05月14日(月)
the resulting low hanging, loose, flappy rectum walls from repeat gastronomical flatulent assaults on the anus .
Oh man!!! That better not smell, I heard your blabia lips flapping!
journeyr13によって 2014年05月23日(金)
A contraction of blue labia. The female equivalent of blue balls.
Ouch, I have a case of blabia. I seriously need to get some!
Melinda Dooによって 2006年09月30日(土)
Blue balls for girls.
She went to his house to get laid, but only got to cuddle. She woke up this morning with a bad case of blabia.
Father, his royal heinessによって 2012年02月05日(日)