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A slang term for male genitalia.
"boys have bippers, girls don't"
Andy 37によって 2007年11月07日(水)
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Slang term for the more common, penis.
"Ow dude, you hit me right on the tip of the bipper."
Stinyoによって 2008年01月31日(木)
a "baby" stripper, a young stripper that is new to the business...
How was the strip club the other night... it was a Monday so all the bippers were working
esu007によって 2011年04月08日(金)
Slang word for slippers.
Jane: Where are my bippers?

Phillippa: Down the toilet like the rest of your life.

Jane: Hey!

Jane: Where are my slippers?

Philliappa: In the closet.
Jane Forknorkによって 2010年01月26日(火)
A bongload or pipe hit.
Charles was kind enough to offer me a bipper before we battled in video games.
hughmongerによって 2003年11月03日(月)
when a donkey inserts its penis into a dead baby's mouth.
that donkey just bippered my dead baby!
enriqueによって 2004年07月13日(火)


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